Who We Are


Our goal is, and always has been, to seek out the 'It's the right thing to do' approach. No matter what the transaction, deal, or negotiation, for us,success has been defined as the scenario where the right thing was done to achieve the greater good.

What is the greater good? Well, it can bethe development of fairer rates, an improved transportation network, personal growth, meaningful relationships, a growing economy, a prosperous America, or even a healthy family structure. In our efforts, the client, the customer, the service providers and the suppliers – we have always strived to do the right thing for the greater good.

That is our business philosophy; it is our life philosophy; it is our success philosophy.

From managing sales teams to brokering freight, we've approached every business endeavour by genuinely helping each party achieve their goals and have the best experience possible. And it's paid off.

From So Overjoyed to Fr8Connect

After many years in the sales and freight brokerage industries, we founded So Overjoyed LLC, a company that provided advice and support to newly established players in the freight industry. We helped entrepreneurial carriers get on their feet, new freight brokers get their foot in the door and shippers conquer their logistical challenges to fulfill their client's needs.

Through all of this, we took notice of challenges in the industry. We saw what companies were struggling with; we observed the unique issues that went hand-in-hand with every facet of the industry. Most of all, we came to realize that a lot of these issues were seen as intrinsic to the industry – accepted even with a "That's just the way it is" attitude!

Well, to us, "That's just the way it is" was not a phrase that we were going to accept without a fight.

So we decided to question many carriers and shippers to understand the transportation challenges they face on a daily basis, and we listened to them all. And above all, we worked aggressively to develop a solution.

What we developed was a bridge that allowed a large network of carriers and a large network of shippers direct access to each other, with communication as its foundation; a platform designed onlyfor carriers and shippers, in an effort to establish mutually beneficial relationships,to help both sides achieve and exceed their goals.

And once they took a walk across our bridge, they wondered how they ever survived without it!

And so, Fr8Connect was born.

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