Are the postings brokered loads? Do you work with brokers?

The load postings will not be brokered loads as we do not work with brokers. We do believe there is a value in working with brokers, but that would defeat our purpose of providing carriers and shippers an amazing alternative to help book more freight with less hassle and help grow ones business. Therefore, we will closely review all applicants who request a Fr8Connect account to assure postings are direct shipper related. Also, we request that if any subscriber recognizes postings as broker related, please notify us by email at violations@fr8connect.com with pertinent information that would be considered in our investigation, such as, the posting party’s phone number, contact person and any information that gives you reason to believe the posting is broker related.

How do you perform shipper credit checks?

Currently we require shippers to provide their company’s trade reference information, which is posted to the shipper’s online profile for instant carrier access. We review this information for accuracy prior to account approval. Although this information is on file, we strongly advise all carriers to do their due diligence when considering a load from any shipper. This would be the standard practice you currently follow when considering working with a broker. Today, many factoring companies buy direct shipper invoices and perform credit checks. Currently we work with factoring companies who do as such. Later this year, we plan to implement a system within Fr8Connect that will allow credit checks to be performed and direct shipper scores to display through your Fr8Connect account. We also will be providing best practice training on 'When Considering a Shipper'.

How does a carrier get paid for hauling a load?

The method of payment would be determined between the carrier and the shipper. Such pay method could be via US mail, electronic account transfer, credit card, payment upon delivery, etc. As a carrier, assure that you collect and provide all required documents needed by the shipper to release payment. Factoring these invoices could be an option. Simply ask your factoring company about such an option. If you are in need of a factoring company, let us know and will can provide you with referrals.

What is the shipper’s pay terms?

The pay terms can very per shipper. Under the Shippers Detail screen, the shipper’s pay terms can be viewed. In many cases, the terms can be negotiated based upon a given situation and/or the relationship developed with the shipper.

How do you perform carrier quality checks?

Prior to the approval of a carrier’s application, documentation is required to assure the carrier is in good standings with basic requirements in place, such as, insurance coverage and a valid carrier operating authority. We use the Safety and Fitness Electronic Records (SAFER) online system to confirm that everything matches. This site is administered by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Upon review of equipment that you have interest in, we provide you access to the carrier’s documents and to the SAFER system for your due diligence. We strongly recommend that you complete your review of any carrier that you consider to haul your loads. We will be providing best practices training on 'When Considering a Carrier'.

How does a shipper pay?

The shipper would pay based upon the agreed method with the carrier. Payment could be made by mail, upon delivery, through electronic account transfer, credit card, etc. This would be determined between the carrier and the shipper.

How much does it cost to have a Fr8Connect account?

Currently the pricing for a Fr8Connect is posted on our website at __BASE_PRICING_PAGE_URL__. If you have any additional pricing questions, please feel free to reach us by email at support@fr8connect.com or by phone at 866-342-0040 x109.