Grow your business through intelligent networking

What we provide

  • An online communication platform that connects you to thousands of direct shippers

What you get

  • Consistent access to direct shipper loads
  • Opportunities for effective negotiation
  • Stronger relationships with direct shippers

Talk directly to decision makers

Direct communication means you’re negotiating directly with a decision maker; this fosters a more efficient negotiation process, and the opportunity for stronger, more personal relationships. It’s not just a numbers game anymore!

Consistent access to loads

Being connected to a network of thousands of direct shipper loads means you will have consistent and reliable access to loads.

Grow your business

There's no better way to advance your business than to strengthen your networks and build up good relationships.

The thing is, we get it. We've been there.

With over 20 years of experience brokering freight, we've seen both sides of the coin, and if there's one thing that we've learnt, it's that communication trumps all in many situations.

We understand the freight industry, and we remember clear as day what it was that caused us grief:

At the end of the day, it all boiled down to communication. How many issues could you have resolved by having the option to instantly contact your shipper, rather than having to navigate a maze of channels and third-parties simply to get a message through?

That is one of many solutions that we offer. Direct connection, and a platform that puts the players first.


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